VoIP Softphones Integrate with Just2Connect


When you are mobile, in a hotel room or a coffee shop, you can't take the office phone with you. A softphone replaces the physical phone and allows you to access your Just2Connect business phone system through your chosen device: Laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet/phone.

There are a number of free or paid for softphones that you can use: such as X-Lite , Zoiper & Bria.

They have lots of great features including contacts, video chat and instant messaging, all through one easy to use program. Call from your device as you would a normal phone and receive calls wherever you are.


Can I use a Softphone on my iPad & iPhone?

Yes, there is an app for every device, click on the links below to make your selection.

Can I use a Softphone on my Android Tablet or Phone?

Yes, as with the Apple products, please click on the relevant link below to download one of our suggested softphones.

Do I Still Need an Office Phone?

Softphones are great for employees who travel frequently, or work from multiple locations. However, if you are office based, they aren't always a replacement for an office phone. Whilst you get great features and accessibility with a softphone, traditional desk phones do provide more features for business-class communications.


Select your device to download Softphone

Android iPhone iPad Mac Windows 8

Bria Android £5.82

Bria iPhone £5.49

Bria iPad £8.99

X-Lite Mac £0

X-Lite Windows £0

Zoiper Android £0

Zoiper App £0

Zoiper App £0

Zoiper Mac

Zoiper Windows 8 £0


If at any point you are unsure or have a older device you can call us on 01442 573 030.