Save £3000 on Broadband Installation.


Q. What is the Governments Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme?

The Government wants SMEs to benefit from faster internet connection speeds. They are offering between £250 to £3,000 towards connection charges for Leased Lines in each of 22 UK cities.


Q. What internet connection does this initiative apply to?

This initiative applies to any service offering 30Mb download speeds or more.


Q. When does the initiative start?

11 cities have already gone live with 12 more being added by Spring 2014. Current eligible cities are: Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Newport, Portsmouth and Salford. The scheme will run until March 2015.


Q. Can anyone apply for funding?

Each city council administers it's own scheme. You can use the handy postcode checker to see if your company is eligible.


Q. Businesses are eligible if . . . 

  • You employ between 1 and 249 staff.

  • Annual Turnover doesn't exceed £40million.

  • The businesses registered office or trading address is within the schemes coverage.

  • Residential based businesses can still apply.

  • Registered charities, social enterprises and sole traders can also apply.


Q. Are there exceptions?

There are exemptions to the types of businesses that can apply, please check with your individual council as these exceptions may differ from council to council. In particular, the following exceptions apply to all applications:

  • Approval from landlords is required to proceed with installations.

  • Existing Broadband Connection must be less than 30MB.

  • Customers are exempt if they have already received funding to improve their broadband.

All information can be found on the Department for Business Innovation and Skills website.


Q. Will Just2Connect customers who are eligible be treated any differently?

We offer the same helpful advice and unrivaled support to all of our customers including those who qualify for the Voucher Scheme.


Q. Sounds Great, How do I apply?

3 steps:

  • Check your eligibility below and read the terms and conditions for your city

  • Complete the application form.

  • Once accepted, receive provisional offer

You will then be asked to obtain quotes from two providers and send them to your council. If you choose Just2Connect, we will provide your quote within 2 working days.


Select your City and check that your postcode is eligible for funding:

Belfast   Bristol   Cardiff   Derby   Edinburgh   London   Manchester   Newcastle   Newport   Portsmouth   Salford

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