Businesses in Northbridge Road could previously only choose between a standard BT broadband circuit, more suited to home owners, or a Leased Line costing in excess of £3,000 to install - not to mention the hefty annual rental fees.

Just2Connect have experienced this problem previously and solved it by sharing a Leased Line between multiple businesses. Deploying the same solution into Northbridge Road means businesses can now benefit from ultra fast broadband at a fraction of the cost.

A 'Shared Leased Line' spreads the installation and monthly rental costs across a number of local businesses, allowing each to get a solid internet connection (typically 10MB up and 10MB down - typical ADSL will give less than 1MB up and 5MB down) at a price they can afford.

Local Businesses would be connected to the service via an ethernet cable or a Radio transmitter if cabling isn't practicable.

The circuits are fully managed, provide a great local solution and each customer has their own contract.

 Guide Figures
Download Speed from 10MB to 1000MB
Upload Speed up to1000MB
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