Mobile Worker

Run your business from your mobile | Stay connected on the go | Never miss another call

Staying connected to your clients and potential clients is crucial. If you miss their calls, you could miss their business.

The good news is that smartphones and apps mean that you can now run your business from your mobile phone and stay connected to your clients on the go, wherever you are.

Virtual landline

Using a virtual landline, you can turn your mobile phone into a cost-efficient business line, giving your business greater professional presence.

If you’re a mobile business, having a landline number is a great way to present a more established, professional image. It can improve potential customer perception, and, if you use your standard area code, help reassure new customers that you are a local business. It’s exceptionally flexible, so you can even transfer calls seamlessly from an existing landline number to your mobile without attracting additional charges.

If you are unable to take calls because you are busy, on holiday, or don’t want to take calls outside office hours, our answer service can take messages for you and send them as an email attachment to your mobile. Our professional voice-over team can even record your message free of charge.

What numbers can I choose?

The virtual landline technology is exceptionally flexible, so you can choose the number you want as well as what happens to customer and potential customer calls when they come in. You can:

  • Go local: choose a local number and reassure new customers that you’re based near them
  • Go local anywhere: run a ‘London office’ with an 020 telephone-number, even if the calls divert automatically to your idyllic rural hamlet
  • Go national: you can take geography out of the mix with an 03 telephone-number
  • Go Freephone: Allow your customers to call you for free with an 0800 Freephone number – even from their mobile phone
  • Go on as you are: Seamlessly transfer your existing landline number
  • Choose all the above

Mobile Worker Starter Pack: from just 30p per day


  • Choose the number, or numbers, that work for you
  • Record a personal welcome greeting message – or we will record one for you
  • Easily divert calls to your mobile or landline so you can work anywhere
  • Manage and control your calls via a free downloadable app
  • Change settings manually or automatically (e.g. for evenings/weekends/holidays)
  • Get your voicemails directly to your email address
  • Track call data to see who called, when and for how long
  • Choose separate numbers for specific campaigns and measure success

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Just2Connect have been providing our leased line and VoIP telephone services for the last 2 years. They thoroughly reviewed our existing services to enable our expansion and completed all the work in advance of our move, so everything went to plan. I am delighted with Just2Connect

Louise Towler

Director, Indigo Tree Digital Ltd