April 11, 2014

Broadband & Internet Phrases Explained

The world of broadband is full of acronyms and technical jargon which can make it difficult to decide what service is right for your business. Take a look at our simple descriptions.

Streaming - A method of transferring data so that it can processed as a steady or constant stream. This is in contrast to downloading, where the whole file must be transferred to the user's computer before it can be viewed. Streaming is normally used as a means of viewing media without actually downloading the information, essentially listening to or watching media ‘live’.

Mb/s or Mbps - A megabit per second refers to the speed of your broadband connection. This is the rate at which one Mb of information is transferred. For example, with a connection speed of 8Mbps, data is transferred at a rate of 8 megabits (or one megabyte) per second.

Router - This is a piece of hardware that allows 2 networks to be connected so that data can be transferred between them.

Server - This is a host computer on a network that stores information, such as websites, and responds to requests for information.

Upload - This is the process of transferring data from your computer hard drive to a remote location.

Fibre Optic Broadband - Fibre optic internet runs via special glass cables under the ground. It doesn't require the copper wires used for your land-line, like standard ADSL broadband, so it's faster and more stable.

April 01, 2014

Top 5 Broadband Tips, Questions and Answers

The world of business broadband is confusing! Depending on who you ask, you can get different answers to the same questions. You can never believe the headline speeds that are offered or even understand what a 24Mbs circuit does for your business. However, Just2Connect will always explain everything in understandable English and provide the correct solution for your business.

Here are our top 5 Business Broadband Tips:

1).   1:1 or Contended Broadband? - If you imagine your broadband as a pipe and the flow of data as water. 1:1 broadband is your own pipe and only you can access the water. Contended Broadband means that many people are also using the same pipe. So, if someone turns their tap on full your waterflow rate will be reduced ie your broadband goes slower.

2).   The advertised maximum speeds are unachievable - Broadband is always advertising at it's maximum speed. However, unless you actually live in the local exchange you will never achieve this speed. Achievable speed is dependent on your physical distance from the local exchange. Just2Connect can give you a realistic indication of the speed you can expect.

3).   How much data do you use per month? - Companies usually offer different packages depending on how much data you intend to download and will then charge you for exceeding this limit. A general rule of thumb is that 1GB will allow you to look at 10.000 Web Pages, 100,000 emails, or around 400 average-sized images or files each month.

Be aware that some Unlimited Packages are not fully "unlimited" and still may have a cap on usage.

4).   Expect to pay more - With the prices of home broadband being bundled up with other products and the average home usage being considerably lower than business usage,  don't expect to pay the same. A good broadband connection for a 5 person business should cost around £30 per month. If you are paying considerably less then the connection will probably be 'shared' by many businesses.

5).   Beware of Contract Periods - As broadband companies try to compete in an increasingly competitive market they are offering some fantastic headline monthly rates, but beware, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is! Rates are often increased dramatically after the initial contract period. With prices and technology constantly changing, beware of 'fantastic deals' and contact periods over 36 months, a lot can happen in 3 years!

If you have any questions about business broadband call our team at Just2Connect on 01442 573 030. If you would like some more information check out our helpful Broadband Pages.

March 28, 2014

Pioneering Broadband Solutions Hertfordshire


What are your broadband options if you run a business in Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted?

Simple: a standard BT broadband line or a Leased Line

Unfortunately, standard BT broadband speeds vary from slow to stop, and a Leased Line costs in excess of £3,000 to install and twice as much to rent for a year or three!

Enter Just2Connect Ltd and our shared Leased Line solution. Spread the installation and rental costs across a number of businesses in the same area and you each get a superfast broadband connection at a fraction of the cost.

Read about this exciting initiative in the Berkhamsted & Tring Gazette or online at BerkhamstedToday.

March 03, 2014

What to do if your Business BT Line Fails


There are many reasons why a BT Line could fail. The simplest is usually because a tree that has brought down the wire to your property, or someone using a pneumatic drill in local roadworks who has drilled through your cable - whatever the reason, this can cause havoc to your business. So how can you reduce this risk and ensure that your customers can always contact you.

1. Notify Supplier - The first thing you should do is make sure your Supplier is aware of the problem.

2. Diverting Calls - Call your provider and request that your calls are diverted to either a working BT Line or a Mobile.

3. Review alterntive Phone system - There are phone systems with redundancy to make sure your business never misses a call - these are VoIP or Cloud Based Phone Systems. They send and receive calls over the internet. This system allows calls to be instantly forwarded to a designated mobile or any other phone if the main phone line fails.

For more information about our VoIP Phone systems please call 01442 573 030.


February 28, 2014

Understanding VoIP Telephone Systems


The world of business VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or what we call 'Business Central' is full of confusion and poor implementation. The truth is that a VoIP Telephone System is the future and when configured correctly gives both the business and the caller a professional service and experience.


So what Is VoIP?

In simple terms, VoIP is a business class phone system which sends and receives calls over the internet rather than through the traditional BT network.

VoIP phones are connected to central severs based at our data centre (Just2Connect) and the severs direct calls based on user preferences.


So What Are The Benefits?

1. Low Call Costs - Calls tend to be cheaper, especially mobile and international calls. With J2C you can call Australia for 1.5 pence/min or a UK mobile for 4.0p/min.

2. Expandable - A VoIP system can send & receive multiple calls simultaneously. So, when a new employee starts just add a phone to the system rather than install a new BT line. 

3. Plug & Play - Just connect a phone to a power supply and your internet network. No other hardware required.

4 .Feature Rich - Features such as Voicemail to Email, Auto Attendant & call transfer all come as standard.

5. Low Costs Lines - You only need one internet connection to carry multiple simultaneous calls rather than expensive ISDN lines.


So what are the disadvantages?

VoIP systems have all of the features of costly corporate phone systems at a fraction of the cost. In fact, many VoIP systems have a richer feature set! 

It is critical in a VoIP deployment to have a good internet connection. Data transmission will not be affected by a bad connection, however voice isn't as forgiving! Just2Connect will always investigate the speed and quality of an existing broadband connection before deploying a system. If the circuit isn't suitable we will recommend an alternative.

For the technically minded, each voip call uses approximately 100KB of bandwidth and on average, no more than 1 in 5 employees in a company will be on the phone at any one time. So, for a company of 20 employees, a standard broadband connection with 500KB upload speed will work perfectly.

So why wait, embrace the future now . . . 


For more information about how VoIP works and how it can help your business please call 01442 573 030.

February 26, 2014

Top 5 Business Broadband Solutions

The world of business broadband can be confusing and frustrating. In the UK the most common complaint is that of slow fibre deployment and uncertain time frames. If your company is struggling with internet speeds then make sure you have explored each of our solutions before, as there is always a solution!

1. ADSL2+

The most common broadband technology available today is ADSL2+, also called ADSL2 or Annex M. This offers speeds up to 24MB and costs from £19.99 - £34.99 per month. This system provides data through a standard BT telephone line and is available to approximately 80% of UK Businesses. ADSL2+ looses speed over distance, so the closer you are to the exchange the faster your speed will be . . . more info.

2. BT Infinity

With download speeds of up to 80MB and starting from £34.95 per month, BT Infinity is a great solution for the small to medium sized business. The only problem is availability. BT are upgrading exchanges and cabinets all over the UK, but if your exchange or cabinet hasn't been upgraded, it is difficult to find out when or if it will be. If you are unsure whether this technology is accessible to you, Just2Connect can quickly check for you and estimate the speeds most likely available . . . more info.

3. EFM

Ethernet the First Mile -  This is a relatively new technology which bonds multiple BT Lines to offer a faster connection. Imagine a BT Line as a pipe and the water as the data. Increase the number of pipes and more water can flow. Downloads speeds of up to 40MB can be achieved and a circuit usually takes less than 5 weeks to install. . . more info.

4. Leased Line

Imagine a leased line as your own private motorway. This is the ultimate in fast broadband. The motorway allows speeds of up to 1000MB per second without any loss due to distance from the exchange. Installation costs depend on location and distance from the Providers NGN POP (Point of Presence). Just2Connect supply Leased Lines all over the UK. There is a new Government Scheme to help with installation costs for SME's in 22 UK cities. They will contribute between £250 - £3000 towards the initial connection of these circuit. To read more about this great offer please see our dedicated page Voucher Scheme.

5. Shared Leased Line

A Leased Line can still be expensive for most companies. However, Just2Connect are pioneering a new way for small companies to take advantage of this technology. We install a leased line into a location and then split the connection up into smaller slices for onward sale to other local companies. For example, in a office block we would install our infrastructure and then offer a range of different speeds so you only pay for the data you need. This system can also transmit data from one end of an industrial estate to the other making a Just2Connect shared leased line easily available to everyone in the local area. If you know of other local companies who need faster broadband then contact one of our broadband experts now  . . . more info. 

    February 10, 2014

    Top 5 Ways to Reduce Business Telephone Bills

    Business Telephone Bills can easily spiral out of control. The most common reason is that when a company employs additional staff they add more phone lines. Each additional line has an installation, and monthly line rental costs.

    Listed below are our top five tips to help reduce these bills.

    1. Move to a VoIP Phone System

    VoIP or Voice Over IP (or more commonly now called 'Cloud Telephony') is a business class phone system which runs over the internet instead of BT's telephone network. Think of it as a business version of SKYPE. A VoIP System doesn't need additional BT Phone Lines as you expand. These systems are easy to implement and come packed with features. Call costs are much lower and international calls are ridiculously cheap. On a VoIP Phone System a call to the USA can cost as little as 1.5 pence per minute. Check Out our Call Costs.

    2. Consolidate BT Analogue Lines into IDSN2 Lines 

    An ISDN2 Line is equivalent to 2 normal BT Lines. An ISDN line is cheaper than 2 analogue lines.

    3. Transfer Line Rental and Call Billing

    In the same way you can change your gas provider, you can switch to a lower cost Telephone Provider who will reduce the cost of your line rental and call costs. Usually, this can save you up to 40%. See Switch and Save.

    4. Cancel Unused Phone Lines

    It sounds simple, but over 50% of the companies we visit have phone lines which are no longer in use. These costs the business £180 per line per year

    5. Remove Unwanted Features and Services

    BT charges extra for additional features that you may not even know you have, want or use. Features such as caller display and withhold number can add additional monthly costs.

    If you would like one of our friendly, professional team to offer advice on how to reduce your call costs please contact us on 0800 849 2026 or Click Here to Contact Us.

    January 20, 2014

    What is VoIP? (Business Central)

    The core principle of the Business Central telephone service is that we provide a hub - which we call the J2C Platform - through which you can make and receive telephone calls. By plugging a VoIP enabled device into your network it can access our Platform over the Internet and will behave just like a normal telephone line.

    A VoIP-enabled device can be an IP desk phone, an analogue telephone adapter (ATA), a software application for your computer, or an app for your favourite smart phone or tablet device. To use your device with Business central, you just enter the username and password provided by J2C which will authenticate your phone on the Platform. Then you simply dial your colleagues, family and friends just as you would from a normal telephone. And if you dial another Business Central user over the Internet, the call is completely free.

    One of the many benefits of using Business Central (VoIP) is that because your J2C telephone number is not tied to a physical telephone line or a geographic location your calls can follow you wherever you go. And if you are not able to take your calls because you are busy or away from the Internet then J2C provides a variety of tools to forward the caller or to take voice messages on your behalf.

    Take a look at our quick video explanation.